Happy Father’s Day | 10 Things I’ve Learned From My Dad

10 Things I've Learned From My Dad

10 Things I've Learned From My Dad

10 Things I've Learned From My Dad

10 Things I've Learned From My Dad

My dad is one of my best friends! He is one of the first people I call for advice, no matter the subject, and one of the first people I call to confide in. He is also one of the first people I call because my mother is terrible at answering her phone. 🙂

We’ve definitely had our moments… shoutout to my stubborn middle school/high school self, so I know that I’m extremely blessed to have such a close relationship with him now.

If you know my dad, then you know that you are the lucky one. He is the sweetest, kindest friend and he will do anything at any hour of the day or night to help you. I am very protective of my dad and his heart, because he truly is the most genuine person, and I know just how lucky I am to call him mine.

My dad has taught me many things growing up, but here are some of my favorite things I have learned:

  1. Be kind to everyone. No matter what someone else has done to you, be kind. I have a hard time knowing sometimes when to stand up for myself and when to just let things go and move on, but I’m learning that just because you don’t “get your way” that doesn’t mean you “lost.” Sometimes it’s better to be the bigger person and move on. You will always feel better knowing you were kind and made an effort to be understanding of someone else even when they’re not being kind to you, which leads me to…
  2. Be understanding. My dad and I don’t always agree, but I know that no matter what I need help figuring out, I can go to him and he will help. He can always put his own thoughts and feelings aside, listen and respond with advice for me.
  3. Don’t care what other people think. I’m still working on this one, and I’m sure it’s a lifetime process… but I think my dad really has this one figured out. How do I know this you ask? I saw him dancing alone in the stands during one of my freshman year soccer game warm ups in full bike spandex. He truly could not care less.
  4. Popcorn is a food-group. I think this one is pretty self explanatory.
  5. Coffee is also a food-group. Also self explanatory.
  6. You can do anything you put your mind to. My dad is the most dedicated person when it comes to something he’s passionate about. If you want to ride your bike across the United States, make it happen. If you want to hike the Grand Canyon from rim to rim in two days, make it happen. (Yes, he has done both… haha!)
  7. You must get 10,000 steps. Okay, 10,000 is aggressive for me… but that man cares more about his steps than anyone I know. Have you ever seen someone walk around your house in circles with a headlamp on to get steps in? Just me?
  8. Pranks are an essential part of life. My dad has pulled some pretty great pranks on me over the years. One of my favorites was on April Fools day. My mom was out of town and I didn’t have school that day for whatever reason. My dad woke me up, told me the school called and they made a mistake, so we did have school that day. He also told me that it was backwards day. So, I rushed to get ready, put all of my clothes on inside out AND backwards (I guess I was an overachiever in elementary school) and he drove me all the way there. The key to a prank is dedication apparently. So, we got to an EMPTY parking lot, and I still didn’t get it… I just thought we must have beat everyone there. Haha! He turned around and said “April Fools” and I lost it… it honestly was the best prank of all time.
  9. Age really is just a number. My dad has proven time and time again that age is just a number. He’s the most fit, active person I know. We’ll always find reasons not to do something if we look for them, don’t limit yourself.
  10. You make your own family. Incase you didn’t already know, I was adopted! I really could not have been blessed with a more amazing family, especially my parents. Thanks for picking me. <3

I hope you all have an amazing Father’s Day celebrating the amazing men in your life!

Xx, Kelsey



  1. Susy
    June 18, 2018 / 12:41 am

    Kelsey, I cried and laughed all within 2 mins. A wonderful and accurate tribute to one extra, extra special guy. And I think you bring out the best of him 🙂

    • Kelsey
      June 19, 2018 / 1:09 pm

      Thank you! Can’t wait to see you guys so so soon! XO

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