Dressing Your Man for a Summer Party | Style Guide with Patrick James

Summer Style Guide with Patrick James Summer Style Guide with Patrick James Summer Style Guide with Patrick James Summer Style Guide with Patrick JamesSummer Style Guide with Patrick James

Peter Millar Crown Seaside Jeans | Swims Mesh LoafersRobert Graham Torres Short Sleeve Sport Shirt

I don’t know about you, but my guy is very simple and doesn’t update his wardrobe very often. He has pieces that he can switch out for almost any occasion and living in Monterey makes that extra easy. Our weather is a solid 60-70s almost year-round!

During the summer, we spend a lot of time in Carmel and Pebble Beach. We love going out for fun date nights, sailing at the Beach Club, Car Week events, and Patrick James has the perfect summer collection for any occasion!

We were beyond excited when Patrick James reached out to us for a collaboration. We had so much fun flipping through their summer catalogue together and looking at all of the new pieces. I love shopping for guys clothes and picking out things for him to wear.

Honestly, I love Zach’s day-to-day style and he does just fine picking out his own clothes (I know some people out there cannot relate, haha!) but it’s fun to pick things out for him when he’ll let me!

I love a preppy yet casual look, and these boat shoes with white pants on Zach for summer are to-die! It’s a look that can easily be dressed up or down. These pants from Patrick James are super comfortable and light weight so they are easy to wear for those of you in much warmer weather!

The Swims Mesh Loafers are 100% his favorite part of the outfit. He has already been wearing them around town, and can’t wait to wear them for sailing nights at the Beach Club this summer. The quality is super nice and you can easily dress up your outfit all while being practical… and “practical” is Zach’s middle name. They’re made out of rubber and mesh so they have great grip, and the mesh allows water to drain easily so these are definitely going to be his go-to boat shoes!

This short sleeve button down is the perfect shirt to dress up an outfit for a summer party. For most parties or events, Zach wears a long sleeve button down but the short sleeve is so much cooler for summer! It’s light weight and breathable and the pattern adds a fun pop of color.

Patrick James has so many pieces for men of all ages, with all interests. I love walking into a store where I know I can find something for all of the most important men in my life: Zach, my dad and my uncle. If you’re looking for a Father’s Day gift or a gift “just because,” you should definitely check them out!

Xx, Kelsey + Zach

Thank you to Patrick James for collaborating with us on this Summer Style Guide!


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