Comparing Ourselves on Social Media

I was watching a YouTube video by Kristin Johns this morning while getting ready and had this overwhelming feeling that I wanted to talk about social media with you guys.

I have watched every single one of her videos because she just seems like such a genuinely nice person… and she’s great at doing her make-up so I love getting tips! Anyways, she seems like the sweetest, kindest person and she was literally in tears because she just woke up and felt sad that her family had left.

Watching her be so vulnerable made me feel comforted. Sorry girl, I know you were crying and that made me super sad, but I think this was the entire point of your video! Stick with me here…

I started watching her videos when she created a YouTube because I look at her and honestly think she’s perfect. She’s gorgeous and bubbly and sweet and I want to be like that. I want to be a happy person with perfect hair and makeup all the time, but that is so beyond not even close to realistic!

Watching her video this morning made me love her as an internet friend (in my mind) even more! It made her more real, and that is the entire reason I wanted to start posting more vulnerable blog posts and sharing more about my life with you guys.

We all go through periods of hurt or sadness and loneliness, but we don’t post about that because that’s not really the “purpose” of social media. Social media is a place where we share the happiest part of our day or week. We share the happy moments in life because that’s what everyone likes to see.

Ohhh a pretty table setting? A cute shirt? A gorgeous vacation spot? All of those things are awesome, but it’s also really awesome to just be real about what life is like on a daily basis too.

Ohhh sweat pants? Sitting on the couch binge watching true crime shows? Yes. Literally on the daily!

We look at other people’s social media and compare ourselves every single day. That sounds insane, but think about it. Every day we do this, at least I know I do. WHY?! Why do we constantly do this to ourselves?

I literally follow certain girls on social media for motivation, but how is it motivating to look at how perfect someone else is portraying their life? Key word here: portraying.

Looking at a gorgeous and skinny girl in a bikini will not make me skinny.

Looking at Cara Loren’s abs will not give me abs. No matter how many times I go to the gym or how many salads I eat, I will not look like her.

I will still look like me, and you know what? My boyfriend is right. Fine Zach, you’re right.

I need to be happy in my skin exactly as I am.

That doesn’t mean I shouldn’t constantly be working to better myself each day. It means that I, WE, need to stop looking at other people and comparing ourselves. We can still look at their social media and support them!

All I’m saying is don’t compare your crummy day to someones perfectly planned out Instagram feed. It’s so silly that we constantly do this to ourselves.

I’m sure you’ve read posts like this 100 times, but social media is such a powerful thing and I just wanted to share my thoughts on it today. 🙂

XX, Kelsey


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